The Galapagos Islands are a must for any nature photographer. The islands that Charles Darwin made famous offer the photographer the opportunity to observe a natural wildlife laboratory. This gallery is a collection of the exotic species that inhabit these islands.
Aerial view of San Cristobal and Los Lobos islands Galapagos-2 8-1-04Blue footed Booby chick in nest on Lobos island-Galapagos-4 8-1-04Brown Pelican on San Cristobal island-Galapagos-1-2 8-1-04Kicker Rock in the Galapagos-1 8-1-04Kicker Rock in the Galapagos-3 8-1-04Sunset near Kicker Rock in the Galapagos 8-1-04Juvenile Frigate bird on Geonvesa island-Galapagos-1-2 8-2-04Nazca Booby on Genovesa island-Galapagos-3 8-2-04Nazca Booby on Genovesa island-Galapagos-7-2 8-2-04Nazca Booby sitting on egg on Genovesa island-Galapagos-5 8-2-04Galapagos Mocking Bird on Genovesa island-Galapagos-2 8-2-04Nazca Boobies mating on Genovesa island-Galapagos-7 8-2-04Nazca Boobies mating on Genovesa island-Galapagos-9 8-2-04Nazca Booby headshot on Genovesa island-Galapagos-2 8-2-04GL Frigate Bird chick in bush on Genovesa island-Galapagos 8-2-04Nazca Booby nesting on two eggs on Genovesa island-Galapagos-1-2 8-2-04Nazca Booby nesting on two eggs on Genovesa island-Galapagos-2-2 8-2-04Light colored Red Footed Booby roosting on Genovesa island-Galapagos-7 8-2-04Red Footed Booby chick feeding from parent on Genovesa island-Galapagos-6 8-2-04Male Frigate Bird roosting on Genovesa island-Galapagos-4-2 8-2-04