Bodie is a true western ghost town that once thrived during a gold rush that mined millions of dollars in the mid 1800s. The town is remarkably well preserved and offers a real insight into western living during that period. The site is a state park located along Hwy 395 and maintained by the state of California.
Church at Bodie-03bw 9-28-09.jpgInterior of building at Bodie-10 9-28-09.jpgSchool building in Bodie-01 9-28-09.jpgInterior of school in Bodie-03 9-28-09.jpgInterior of jail building in Bodie-02 9-28-09.jpgBank safe in old vault in Bodie-01 9-28-09.jpgInterior of building at Bodie-05 9-28-09.jpgTilting building at Bodie-02bw 9-28-09.jpgInterior of building at Bodie-01 9-28-09.jpgOld wagon wheel at Bodie-01 9-28-09.jpgOld pump at Bodie-01bw 9-28-09.jpgGrave marker in Godie cemetary-10 9-28-09.jpgGrave marker in Godie cemetary-01 9-28-09.jpgRusted hub cap at Bodie CA-01 5-8-08_088Buildings in Bodie CA-07 5-8-08 4bwBottom of wooden tank at Bodie CA 5-8-08Steeple on church in Bodie CA 5-8-08Church through old car in Bodie CA-03 5-8-08Closeup of buildings at Bodie CA-05 5-8-08Closeup of buildings at Bodie CA-04 5-8-08