This gallery is a colllection of head shots of animals from around the world. They were taken of both captive animals and animals in the wild.
Adult male lion in Khwai area of Botswana-109 9-15-10African Darter at Wild Animal Park in Escondido-03 11-5-08African Darter at Wild Animal Park in Escondido-08 11-5-08African Elephants at Wild Animal Park in Escondido 12-23-08Bison Calf in Hayden Valley at Yellowstone NP in WY-27 7-19-10Black BearBuffalo at Wildlife Institute in Ramona-09 2-9-08Cape Buffalo near Elephant Plains Lodge in South Africa-21 9-1-10CaracalCalifornia Condor juvenileElephant at Lake Manyara NP in Tanzania-36 1-12-12Elephant challenging boat in river in Okavango Delta in Botswana-26 9-10-10Elephant skull at Xakanxa area of Moremi game reserve in Botswana-13 9-12-10Female lion in grass in Khwai area of Botswana--10 9-15-10Hippo in pond near camp at Xini Lagoon in Moremi game reserve-22 9-7-10Hippo in pond near Elephant Plains Lodger in Sabi Sands area of South Africa-42 9-1-10Sea Lion pup on Espanola Island - GalapagosMale Wood DuckMeerkatWillet at Batiquitos Lagoon - CA